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"Melissa is an amazing healer.  Every session I have ever had with her has lifted me up and made me feel as if I were floating on a cloud for days afterward.  Melissa is brilliant, honest, kind, and she works from her heart.  Her level of integrity is so refreshing. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

       --Lisa J.

"Melissa embodies the essence of the 'Wise woman of old.'  She hears our stories and then asks questions that get to the real issue.  My advice to her clients: be authentic and tell her what hurts--physically, emotionally, spiritually."

       --Jennie E.

"Melissa has a lovely, calming demeanor with a good sense of humor.  She is knowledgeable, informative, and always makes me feel comfortable and safe."


"Melissa was compassionate and patient.  I initially sought help for shoulder pain and found significant relief of anxiety in the process.  Melissa uncovered underlying causes of the shoulder pain which benefited my whole body and mind with the treatments.  Thank you!!!"

      --Jill B.


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